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Our Mission:

We help global organizations to Create What's Next.

We believe in something important: the biggest ideas in innovation will come from helping business and technology experts to see their innovation challenges differently.

Our Mantra:

Empower The Innovators!

We work with innovators to think differently about their capabilities and project, we help organizations have fresher thinking themselves. Our processes are also designed to drive a clearer picture of innovation strategy and get greater acceptance for new ideas internally.

It’s not just about a fancy drawing of a new idea. It’s about innovative solutions that are Actionable. That is, ideas that are on-strategy, feasible to enact, and have true ownership from the team.

How to create innovation results
that break through

Client Team Expertise

Successful innovation cannot be simply brought in from the outside -- it starts by building on your team’s experience.

Skyscraper Insights

Skyscraper insights give our team and yours a comprehensive and innovative view of the consumer.

Creative Tools

With our unique creative tools we force teams to consider unseen possibilities across a wider range of insights.

The Psychology of Creativity.

Skyscraper, Inc. is different because our processes are built around research on the psychology of creativity. Our innovation techniques are designed to literally re-wire the way your brain thinks about your innovation challenges. And when your cross-functional internal experts are able to think differently, they can develop truly amazing things!

Far better than mining for consumer insights by writing bullet points on a chart pad, or scribbling on sticky notes,  our process helps innovation teams get to the core of the consumer’s emotional and sensorial experience.

The Innovation Dilemma:

Internal versus External Innovation. Many organizations know that they need to innovate to stay relevant. To gain or maintain market share. To build brand equity. To run their organizations more efficiently. But, where are these innovations in positioning, product and process going to come from?

Internally-led innovation is great. It pulls in the expertise of your team members – the heroes that make your organization amazing, day in and day out. But often, the thought processes that help you win every day don’t help you think more creatively. You know, the way your customers want you to think and the way your competitors wish you wouldn’t.

Externally-led innovation is where organizations turn. And often, the solutions are fantastic. Sometimes, they’re too fantastic — too whiz-bang, not on strategy, or impossible to execute. Or worse, they don’t draw in deeper insights and bring your organization along for the ride.

The Skyscraper, Inc. approach gives your team the best of both worlds.  We empower your internal teams to think very differently about their innovation challenges.  The result is breakthrough ideas that actually work!


Early in your innovation pipeline, Groundbreaker helps prioritize opportunity areas for insights mining, new idea creation and organizational alignment.

When you're ready to fill your innovation idea pipeline, Builder creates breakthrough consumer propositions and product ideas that are rooted in insights and drive category growth.

When you have a product idea to launch, Designer creates holistic prototypes that delight, drive product satisfaction and maximize consumer loyalty.

Our complete range of capabilities makes the process more seamless and the results more effective.

From beginning to end, we’re thinkers and do’ers with a broad range of talents that come together perfectly to meet any challenge. Having all of these tools at your disposal makes rightsourcing easy.

Consumer and
Customer Insights

At the core of everything we do at Skyscraper, Inc. is the end-user. We bring fresh thinking to qualitative and quantitative insights in order to inspire ourselves and our clients. And, using the Psychology of Creativity, our insights do far more than create a few bullet points on a chart pad - they give us a rich foundation into the emotional and sensorial aspects of the consumer experience.

Creative Facilitation
and Ideation

Our proprietary creative sessions are different. With grounding in the Psychology of Creativity, our sessions allow participants think differently about their innovation challenges in a creative way, while making connections in consumer insights that may never have been thought of before. Bonus: We have a lot of fun!

Branding, Naming and
Identity Development!

Whether creating an extension of your existing product lines, or creating a new brand, you need to define what your brand stands for -- the personality, emotions, and actions that people experience when they come into contact with your brand. Skyscraper, Inc. helps teams identity their brand’s foundation through creative development of vision, mission, essence, personality, nomenclature and promise.

Strategic Marketing and
Innovation Process Consulting

The challenges of innovation do not start and end with developing a new product. Often, organizations must look inward to find and clear away the barriers to delivering breakthrough results. Skyscraper, Inc. helps organizations to optimize their process, culture and performance objectives to help bring the best ideas to market faster and more profitably.

Industrial, Packaging and
Communication Design

Amazing design is the critical component to translating product ideas into innovation reality. At every step in the innovation process, Skyscraper, Inc. employs sketching, CAD modeling, digital rendering, 3D printing and cutting-edge graphic design. With an eye toward sustainability, the result is compelling product design that consumers are instinctively attracted to.

  • Empowering Clients to Tackle Tough Innovation Challenges


    Our clients come to us when they need strategic, insights driven innovation solutions that truly leverage the expertise of their internal teams.


    Our Groundbreaker, Builder, and Designer process use the Psychology of Creativity to empower teams for real breakthroughs.


    Innovation strategy, strategic new product pipelines, and consumer-delighting prototypes that deliver real benefits to consumers and generate strong internal alignment.

  • Case Study: Uncovering Flavor-Driven Benefits


    A Fortune 500 consumer food company wanted to capitalize on a flavor-based opportunity uncovered through product segmentation studies.


    Skyscraper, Inc. used the Builder process and our proprietary Psychology of Creativity techniques to discover actual consumer-relevant benefits behind the targeted sensory profile. Starting with culinary perspectives, and deep insights taken from consumers, Skyscraper worked with the client to develop and gain senior leadership alignment on a range of insight-driven product platforms. From there, new product ideas were developed, each one designed with sensory and product use features intended to reinforce the benefit.


    All concepts tested met or exceeded internal hurdles, with several concepts among their highest ever tested. An entirely new brand based on these product ideas is slated for launch in late 2015/early 2016.

  • Case Study: Mining Opportunities in New Categories


    A leading food manufacturer wanted to expand on their business portfolio and expand beyond their current product categories, while leveraging their vast experience in specific eating occasions.


    Using the Groundbreaker process, Skyscraper, Inc. created a wide range of insights opportunities for the client team to experience. The plan used traditional and non-traditional qualitative research techniques to quickly elicit a wide range of consumer opinion, including our dynamic Speed Dating interviews. Using these findings as inputs, Skyscraper developed a comprehensive segmentation study which outlined the consumer attitudinal segments, need states and created a dollar-size estimate of unmet consumer needs. Then, using our Groundbreaker Calculator decision modeling tool, we helped the client to prioritize their opportunities based on their organization's capabilities and management's needs.


    A range of 7 Strategic Innovation Opportunity (SIO) areas with size of prize identification and strong strategic alignment on best-fit long term innovation strategies. Client is moving forward with concept development to capitalize on these newly-identified segments of unmet consumer needs.

  • Case Study: Designing for Consumer Delight and Improved Margin


    A Fortune 500 CPG company wanted to update an existing baby care product line, finding opportunities to save cost while driving consumer delight and loyalty.


    Using the Designer process, Skyscraper, Inc. worked with the client to ground themselves in the sensory environment that creates great experiences for mom and her child. Using this inspiration, the team dissected the product into 24 unique product attributes, and created new ways to bring every product attribute to life. After reviewing these new options with consumers using Skyscraper's proprietary qualitative methodology, we prioritized cost-saving and consumer-perferred stimuli to create final prototype ideas. These final ideas were then reviewed with consumers for acceptability.


    A range of 7 new product prototype designs, which specify direction across a wide range of product attributes. The updated product is currently in-market and generating strong levels of repeat at increased margin for the client.

Our Team Has Experience with Leading Brands.

The Skyscraper, Inc. team has innovation, insights, and brand management expertise that spans some of the best-known global brands and cutting-edge entrepreneurial firms, consumer goods and high tech.

But we always show up with fresh eyes and full curiosity for innovation challenges. “Been there, done that” is not in our vocabulary.

Michael Murphy

President and CEO

13 Years Marketing, Consumer Research, Strategy, and Innovation Experience. US and Global, CPG and Technology

Hershey’s, Reese’s, Classico, Smart Ones, Bagel Bites, More

BS Computer Science, MBA, Guitarist, Photographer, Competitive BBQ’r

Christine Shea

Senior Principal

24 Years Marketing, Innovation and Retail Experience

VP Marketing and Merchandising, Sunglass Hut

Heinz, Frito-Lay, Dillards, Booz Allen

BS Media Management, Ross MBA

Athlete and Pop Culture Collector 

Julia Holland

Senior Principal

20 Years Integrated Marketing, Strategic Branding and Innovation Experience

Euro RSCG VP Consumer, WebMD Director Strategic Partnerships

Princeton Partners VP Strategic Branding, Johnson & Johnson Brand

BA Child Psychology, MBA, Active Outdoorswoman

Curt Robinson

Senior Principal

Fifteen years of progressive marketing experience

Eight years of extensive on the ground international business experience

Five years direct and indirect domestic and international sales and sales management experience.

Bilingual in English and Spanish (proficient)

BA Philosophy, MS Food Marketing

Jill Bohaboy

Senior Research Director

Founder – Trek Solutions Qualitative consulting group

Divisional VP – Elder Beerman

Sr. Research Manager – Procter & Gamble

BS Accounting and Marketing, MBA

Global Traveler Extraordinaire 

Robert Irwin

Industrial Design Director

10 Years Industrial Design and Conceptual Artist

Sustainability Integration and Biomimcry Specialist

Board Member for Goodwill Workforce


Rock climber and avid Outdoorsman